Corn dogs, funnel cakes and a fried Snickers bar on a stick? Most people associate foods that are -bad- for you with the Iowa State Fair, but a series of contests today are challenging kids and adults to create healthy family meals and snacks. Wendy Macke, a registered dietician at the Iowa Heart Center, will be one of the judges. What they’re looking for is heart-healthy foods that are lower in fat, lower in sugar and a high in nutrients along with a variety of items like fruits, vegetables and good sources of protein.Macke has several suggestions for tasty, healthy snacks people could make at home and bring along to the fair, instead of spending a lot of money on food from the vendors that’s far from nutritious. She suggests a trial mix made up of Cherrios, nuts, pretzels and raisins or kabobs made with fruit, vegetables and cheese. Macke says the contests are a great way to get families together, stress the importance of healthy eating and at the same time to encourage kids to take an active role in making meals.