Jim Nussle’s democratic opponent is blasting Nussle for taking campaign money from a top republican in the U.S. House. Democrat Bill Gluba says Nussle should have refused the 10-thousand dollar donation from House Republican Whip Tom Delay. Gluba says one of Delay’s political action committee has allegedly taken illegal contributions from corporations.Gluba says “this district is used to having someone like Congressman Jim Leach who’s above this and who never had ever taken tainted money from any groups.” Gluba, who’s a real estate agent in Davenport, says “it’s unfortunate Mr. Nussle has seen fit to take what is obviously tainted money from PACs run by Tom Delay.” Gluba says voters deserve to know what’s going on.A Nussle campaign spokesman called Gluba’s assertions “shallow” — “nasty” — “outlandish” — and “untrue.” Nick Ryan, Nussle’s campaign manager, says the Delay PAC that is under scrutiny is NOT the PAC that donated to Nussle. Ryan says Gluba is “so desperate” that he is making up and distorting things.