An Air Force fighter pilot who became a national hero after he was shot down over Bosnia in 1995 and dramatically rescued six days later is campaigning for President George W. Bush in Iowa today. Retired Air Force Captain Scott O’Grady is part of a group called “Veterans for Bush” that’s trying to counter Democratic challenger John Kerry’s use of his fellow Vietnam vets on the campaign trail. O’Grady says the scrutiny given Kerry’s service in Vietnam and the medals Kerry won is warranted. He says Kerry made it the central theme of his nomination at the recent democratic convention in Boston. O’Grady says if Kerry is going to go back 30 years and make that the central theme of his campaign, it is completely fair to not only look at those four months, but what Kerry has done since. O’Grady says Kerry’s entire public career gives an indication of Kerry’s ability to lead.He says he’s not somebody who can comment on what Kerry did in four months in Vietnam, but he says he looked back at Kerry’s 30-year record and, “I find him unfit to be the Commander in Chief.” Many are critical that President Bush became a fighter pilot in the National Guard during Vietnam, and question Bush’s record in the Guard. O’Grady says as far as Bush’s record in the National Guard, he says he’s never seen any proof to say that Bush did anything other than serve honorably. As for being in the National Guard, O’Grady says he knows as a fighter pilot that flying in peace time is just as dangerous as flying in a war. He says he flew nine years and 67 combat missions in the Air Force and never lost a friend in combat. He says he knows of six individuals that died in training missions. O’Grady says Bush’s actions in removing Saddam Hussein from power show that Bush should continue to be the President.He says the intelligence community has come out and said that Hussein was trying to start a nuclear weapons program. O’Grady says Hussein also funded international terrorists. He says President Clinton advocated a regime change in Iraq, but President Bush followed through and made Hussein accountable to the international community. O’Grady spoke with Radio Iowa via telephone prior to an appearance today in Cedar Rapids.