Republican President George Bush and democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards both campaigned in Iowa this past weekend, but their events were as different as their political philosophies. Bush spoke to about 11,000 cheering partisans on Saturday at a rally in Sioux City. The President touched on themes important to conservatives in the GOP in an area of the state where republicans outnumber democrats. Bush touted the prescription drug discount cards now available for senior citizens, as well as what Bush called his “well-timed” tax cuts that fueled an economic rebound. And Bush sharpened his attacks on Kerry, even joking that with about 80 days left in the campaign, there was plenty of time for Kerry to change positions on a variety of issues. By contrast, John Edwards appeared in Waterloo and Des Moines on Sunday, two cities where democrats outnumber republicans. And in Des Moines, Edwards sat on a front-porch to talk with four Iowans about the health care dilemmas their families face. One woman told Edwards her daughter had just maxed-out her credit cards to get health insurance coverage for two months. Another told of being denied insurance coerage for the mammogram her doctor recommended when she was 38, and then finding a lump in her breast when she was 39. Edwards says the current health care situation in America is “just insane.” Edwards says it’s time to put the law on the side of patients rather than the insurance companies. Edwards also accused rivals George Bush and Dick Cheney of making “negative personal attacks” on himself and Kerry. Edwards said he’s hoping the American people reject that kind of campaigning. Before leaving the state, Edwards stopped at the State Fairgrounds to shake hands and look at the livestock.