The prints of a Minnesota sex offender do NOT match those taken from the apartment complex where Mason City T-V anchorwoman Jodi Huisentruit had lived before she vanished nine years ago. But the renewed investigation may not have been entirely wasted work. Mason City Police Lieutenant Ron Vande Weerd says investigators talked with Thomas Corscadden yesterday (Monday) at the Minnesota Security Hospital in St. Peter. He calls the discussion “productive for the investigators” and they hope to be able to answer some of the questions posed recently. Vande Weerd would not go into detail on what information Corscadden provided, but he says investigators are happy with the information they gathered. Vande Weerd says the police department continues to look at every lead in the case. He says they “ran out” this lead and came up dry once again, but they’d like to close the Huisentruit case and give her family some closure, too. It’s the second time in a month that the Huisentruit case has been in the headlines without a final solution to the crime. Bones found in the Mason City area back on July 15th brought a fleet of reporters to north-central Iowa, but the bones were not Huisentruit’s. Investigators say it was a Mason City man who had been missing since 1995.