The democrat who’s running against republican Congressman Tom Latham says it’s time for the U-S to “unclench its fist in foreign policy.” Paul Johnson of Decorah made that declaration during a speech yesterday on the State Fairgrounds. Johnson says republican Congressman Jim Leach’s call earlier this week for withdrawl from Iraq in four months is probably not realistic, but Johnson says a majority of troops should be out within a year. Johnson says he dosn’t want the U-S to completely walk away from Iraq, but he says the longer the military occupies the country, the angrier people will become. He says pulling out within a year would allow for an orderly exit. Johnson says his other top issue is reform of this country’s health care system. Johnson says the government’s Medicare program could be expanded to cover all Americans. Johnson made his comments yesterday at the Des Moines Register’s “Soap Box” on the state fairgrounds. Latham is scheduled to speak there on Friday. Johnson’s a farmer, but has previously headed both the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the U-S Soil Conservation Service. He’s a former Peace Corps volunteer and he served in the state legislature, too.