Not everyone on the famed Lewis and Clark expedition returned to a hero’s welcome, in fact, one man never returned. Sergeant Charles Floyd died in what’s now Sioux City of what is believed to have been a burst appendix on August 20th, 1804. Floyd’s death is being remembered with ceremonies in Sioux City this weekend. Kathy Meisner is supervisor of the Sergeant Floyd River Museum and Welcome Center. A living history encampment is set up in the center’s front yard with two large groups of re-inactors, from the Sioux City and Omaha/Council Bluffs areas. They’re recreating what it was like in the era of explorers Lewis and Clark two centuries ago. Meisner says it’s an educational experience for anyone of any age. Two memorial services were held for Floyd yesterday (Friday) at the monument that carries his name, which resembles a smaller version of the Washington Monument. Meisner says there is other educational entertainment throughout the day today, including a commemoration of Lewis and Clark’s journey through present-day Sioux City.For more information, contact the Welcome Center at (712) 279-0198.