Iowa motorists are warned to be on the lookout for those big, boxy, yellow school buses moving slowly along our roadways. With school starting, those vehicles will be picking up and dropping off darting kids, and Iowa State Patrol Lieutenant Shane Antle says drivers need to be vigilant.Lieutenant Antle urges motorists to be cautious, alert and watch for the kids. A state D-O-T report says in the year 2000, there were just over 200 school bus crashes statewide which brought 77 injuries and five deaths. Antle says in many cases, motorists can help prevent future crashes by keeping their eyes peeled for school buses. When a driver comes upon a school bus with its amber or red lights flashing, the driver is required by law to slow down and come to a stop. Antle says motorists need to stay alert not just for school buses but whenever they’re near a school. Streets near schools often have restricted speed limits, often to 25 miles an hour. Last year, Antle says nearly 600 Iowa drivers were convicted for school bus violations that put children at risk.