Authorities in southwest Iowa are on the lookout for a Cass County man who allegedly abducted his biological son. Cass County Sheriff’s officials have issued a warrant for 22-year old Luis Hernandez-Navarro, of Griswold, in connection with an incident that allegedly occurred 10:35-p.m. Sunday, at a residence in Griswold. Deputies say Hernandez-Navarro is charged with serious domestic abuse assault and false imprisonment. Authorities believe he has his 10-month old son, Kyler Miguel Navarro-Hernandez, with him. The boy is described as being two-feet, two-inches tall, and weighing 15-pounds. He was last seen seven-p.m. Monday in Griswold. The boy’s father is considered to be dangerous, and anyone with information on their whereabouts is asked to contact the Cass County Sheriff’s office at 712-243-2206, or 800-233-3336.