Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack has been tapped by democrats to lead the opposition spin in New York City next week for the Republican National Convention. Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe says his party wanted a chief spokesman who was a governor who had to live under Bush policies that McAuliff calls “disastrous.” McAuliff says he’s heard Vilsack “talk about how he has to pick up the phone after being notified that some family member from Iowa has lost their life in Iraq,” and McAuliff says that’s another reason they chose Vilsack as a chief spokesperson for the party next week. Vilsack says he offers “a unique and different perspective.” Vilsack says not only is he listening to Iowans’ concerns about the economy, as a state chief executive he has to deal with the consequences of a federal government that can’t live up to its promises and responsibilities because of the budget deficit. Vilsack says “a governor from the heartland offers a perspective that is very closely aligned to the thoughts and views of most Americans.” Vilsack says people aren’t interested in negative ads or what happened 35 years ago in Vietnam, they’re interested in what will happen in the next four years.