Iowa’s delegation at the Republican National Convention was right next to the seat filmmaker Michael Moore sat in last night on the convention floor. Jerry Tweeten of Forest City took a picture. “Why? Just to see what his expression was, that’s all,” Tweeten said. “He was hiding for a while.” Tweeten isn’t impressed with Moore, and waved a George W. Bush sign in Moore’s face after he snapped the picture. Another Iowa delegate, Paula Dierenfeld, tried to take a picture of Moore with someone else’s camera. “As I’m trying to take the picture, one of the security guards came up and put his hand over my camera and said ‘You can’t do that, miss,’ and so I wasn’t able to take a picture of him,” Dierenfeld said. Dierenfeld, who’s no fan of Moore’s either, was outraged. “This is a public figure in a public place,” Dierenfeld said. “He has no right to privacy there.” The Iowa guys who got the snaps of Moore say they were just more persistent than Dierenfeld was. Dierenfeld says she didn’t want the security guard to take her friend’s camera. Moore, the maker of the documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 which criticizes the war in Iraq, was roundly booed last night on the convention floor as Senator John McCain criticized Moore. The filmmaker is writing an opinion column for USA Today, and had a reserved seat in the press gallery on the convention floor.