President George Bush came to Iowa again Tuesday, speaking to a friendly crowd at the Farm Progress Show in Alleman. The president told the crowd of farmers there’s more work to be done to ensure the economy, and the farm economy in particular continues to grow. President Bush said he’s presented an energy bill to Congress. Bush says Congress needs to pass that energy bill and get it on his desk, with its plans for conservation, clean-coal technology, plans to explore for oil and natural gas “in environmentally-friendly ways,” and recognition of the potential for corn and soybeans. Bush said “I believe in ethanol and I believe in bio-deisel.” Bush says one of these days thanks to research someone will walk into the Oval Office and announce “The corn crop is up and we’re less dependent on foreign energy.” The president also said there’s more to be done to make schools centers of accountability. Bush says 3 years ago when he took office there were too many kids not learning the basics but he says he “challenged the soft bigotry of low expectations,” and believes in accountability and an excellent education for every child. Bush talked about improving health care.The president says “we got the job done” by strengthening Medicare for seniors, working with Iowa senator Chuck Grassley to correct problems that underfunded rural hospitals that care for Medicare clients. The president told a crowd of listeners that one day, leaders of the U.S. and Iraq will sit down and talk about peace, just as leaders of the U.S. and one-time enemy Japan have done. Bush says by serving “the ideal of liberty” is making the world more secure, noting “freedom is not America’s gift to the world,” it’s God’s gift to all people in the world. Traffic was tied up when the president’s limousine traveled from the airport on Des Moines’ southside right through downtown and stopped at a hotel before proceeding to the farm show about fifteen miles farther north.