Law officers across the state won’t be taking a holiday this Labor Day weekend — they’ll instead be working in extra numbers in several safety programs. State Trooper Adam Buck of the Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau says one of the efforts will center on drunk drivers. He says Iowa saw eight fatal traffic accident during last year’s Labor Day holiday, and three of those were alcohol related. Buck says the Special Traffic Enforcement Program, or “STEP” will link law officers in looking for drunken drivers.He says they’re expecting a little over 200 law officers across the state to provide enforcement. Buck says this operation comes after the battle against drunk driving reach a milestone.He says all 50 states and the District of Columbia have now passed the point-oh-eight (.08) blood alcohol limit for drunk driving, and this will be the first enforcement effort since then. Buck thinks the nationwide limit will make a difference.He says he thinks it brings some unity and consistency in the minds of drivers across the nation when it comes to drinking and driving. He says hopeful it will eliminate any confusion. The Iowa State Patrol is also participating in the Combined Accident Reduction Effort, or “CARE” which will us federal funds to put an extra 71 state troopers on the roadways during the holiday.