President George Bush was back in Iowa Friday, fresh off his nomination speech at the Republican National Convention. Iowa is one of the so-called “Battleground” states, and the President indicated he was not letting up in the fight for its seven electoral votes. Bush says he has a real soft spot in his heart for Iowa, and he told the crowd with their help “we’re gonna carry Iowa this November.” Bush got some of his biggest applause when he urged Iowans to vote to “make Laura Bush your first lady for another four years.” And he also praised Vice President Dick Cheney. Bush also said we have a “moral responsibility to honor America’s seniors with good health care,” touting his administration ‘s Medicare discount-card prescription-drug benefit. Bush says it made no sense for government healthcare programs to pay for heart surgery but not pay for drugs to prevent the need for that surgery. Teresa Heinz Kerry, the wife of democratic challenger John Kerry was also in Iowa. She held a closed door roundtable on healthcare.