Des Moines isn’t going to the dogs, but the dogs are going to Des Moines. Some 1500 canines from around the world are taking part in this weekend’s dog show. Patrice Peterson-Keys is spokeswoman for the Des Moines Obedience Training Club which is putting on the event. She says there are two sorts of shows that’ll be underway — one that’s basically a beauty pageant for dogs, the other that’s more of an obedience demonstration where the dogs are put through a series of drills. Peterson-Keys says dogs and their owners are coming from far and wide to compete. Entries are coming in from 45 states and several foreign countries, while many of these animals competed in the big Westminster Show in New York. Peterson-Keys says there will be about 150 different breeds of dogs at this show, many of which will be brand new to most folks. The show opens at 8 A-M today and Sunday at the Varied Industries Building of the Iowa State Fairgrounds. There is no admission charge.