Iowa continues to be in the cross-fire of the Bush/Kerry contest. President Bush made not one but two trips to Iowa last week. John Kerry will be in Iowa this Thursday. And on Labor Day, the holiday normally considered the kick-off of the fall campaign, Vice President Dick Cheney campaigned in Clear Lake and the wife of democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards campaigned in Des Moines. During a speech in a park in Clear Lake just yards away from the Clear Lake beach, the Vice President criticized Kerry for calling President Bush’s praise of allies “phony.” Cheney said our allies “deserve our respect, not insults.” Cheney said “demeaning our allies is an interesting approach for someone seeking the office of the presidenty.” Cheney said “when it comes to diplomacy, it looks like John Kerry should stick to windsurfing.” Elizabeth Edwards closed her comments at a Labor Day rally on the State Fairgrounds with a plea. Mrs. Edwards said she “could talk until my face is blue” but it won’t make any difference. She said what will make the difference is if she motivated the union folks in the crowd to go out and talk to their friends and neighbors about the importance of voting. Mrs. Edwards says President Bush has “failed us all” and “Iowa can make the difference” in putting Kerry and Edwards over the top. One several occasions, Mrs. Edwards attacked the way President and Vice President are conducting their campaign. Mrs. Edwards says “they’re not talking about any of the issues; they’re trying to scare the American electorate.”