The attorneys have rested their cases in a trial brought by residents of a western Iowa town seeking to remove their county sheriff from office. Cass County Sheriff Larry Jones’ trial ended Thursday with the Sheriff’s predecessor disputing Jones’ testimony that a drug fund was in place before he assumed the role as the county’s second highest law officer, under the County Attorney. Tom Pope, of Lewis, was the Cass County Sheriff in the early 1980’s, and prior to that served as a County Deputy. He told the court there was no “drug fund” in place when he was Sheriff, and that money paid to drug informants came out of his own pocket. The state put up the cash to make the drug buys, and two state agents would work with him when a drug case came about. His statement contradicted Jones’ earlier testimony that a drug fund had always been in place, and that the Sheriff had final say in how those funds would be used. Jones’ misuse of the funds, and the handling of evidence were two of the reasons seven Atlantic residents gave for wanting him removed from office. Judge Robert Hutchinson will receive written arguments from the Attorney’s in the case early next week, but has not announced when he will make his ruling.