A new dye can be added to the anhydrous ammonia fertilizer often stolen from Iowa farms by illegal drug makers. The dye stains the hands and clothing of anyone who tries to steal it bright pink. Jeff Myers with Southern Illinois University helped develop the dye and says the farmer who dreamed up the idea is remaining anonymous, as it threatens to make drug production so difficult. Myers says “He’s right in the middle of meth country and he’s trying to keep a low profile.” The dye is called Glo-Tell. Iowa law enforcement officials are hopeful the product will help them nab methamphetamine makers, well, pink-handed. Myers explains more about how the product works. He says “Even after you think the stain is gone, it won’t wash off, the visible part will but the rest of it won’t, so even after you think it’s gone it’s still there and shows up under a black light.” In addition, Meyers says the non-toxic dye helps farmers detect leaks in their fertilizer tanks.