The First Lady and the Vice President campaign in Iowa today on President Bush’s behalf. Laura Bush is to speak at an afternoon rally in Des Moines; Vice President Dick Cheney is to appear in Ottumwa later this morning. A comedian turned radio talk show host campaigned on democratic challenge John Kerry’s behalf yesterday in Ottumwa and Des Moines. Al Franken, a former Saturday Night Live cast member, told a group of children the Vice President was coming to Iowa today “to scare you.” Franken said Cheney “will say that if Des Moines goes for Kerry, we’re going to be attacked by Al Qaeda.” One of the kids behind him replied “Oh, Please.” Franken told the crowd it was “a sarcastic ‘Oh, Please.” As you may recall, last week in Des Moines Cheney said a Kerry victory was dangerous — and “the danger is that we’ll get hit again…in a way that’ll be devastating…and then we’ll fall back into the pre-9-11 mindset…that in fact these terrorist attacks are just criminal acts and that we’re not really at war.” The Kerry camp accused Cheney of using “scare tactics that crossed the line.” Franken also told the kids assembled as backdrop for his speech in Des Moines that Cheney also “used a bad word” when Cheney told off a senator. “I don’t want to say it. I won’t say it, but the vice president likes to use it a lot and it makes him feel better because he’s getting cranky,” Franken said. The children interrupted. “Say it! Say it!” they said. “No. No. No,” Franken replied. Several of the kids then yelled “Yes.” Franken told the kids to “ask your mom and dad later. You may have heard it around the house, but probably not.” Franken said Cheney “needs a time out…because every day he’s having to explain something.” Vanessa Kerry, one of John Kerry’s daughter, is making stops in Des Moines, Ames, Fort Dodge and Mason City today and tomorrow.