The November election is now just 50 days away and the League of Women Voters is ramping up its campaign to help voters get ready. Kay Ward, the president of the league, recently visited Iowa as part of that campaign.She says life has gotten more complicated at the polls and they’re trying to focus on a couple of key things that might be different. Ward says one of the key things they’re emphasizing, is don’t panic if pollworkers don’t have your name on their list. She says if you get to the polls and your name is not on the registration list, you’re entitled by law to get a provisional ballot. You can vote and that ballot will be checked to be sure you’re registered and then counted. Ward says provisional ballots are in place across America under the Help America Vote Act. Ward says you shouldn’t go to vote without some proof of who you are.She says they’re encouraging people to play it safe and bring an I.D. just incase it’s needed. Ward says polling places can change, so you should know where to go before election day. She says you still have time to check and register appropriately and find out where your polling place is. Ward says you shouldn’t be shy when you go to the polls if something seems uncertain. She says people, especially first-time voters, often don’t want to appear like they don’t know how things work and are hesitant to ask questions. She says they encourage you to ask questions, as that’s whey poll workers are there. Ward says they hope their message is heard by first-time voters. She says the league has been focusing on young people this year, because she says it doesn’t bode well for the future of the democracy in this country if young people don’t vote. For more information on voting, surf