While he made news during his last trip to Iowa, Vice President Dick Cheney stuck to the basics this time with a stop today in Ottumwa. The trip to Ottumwa was considered unique since Wappello County is predominately democratic. Cheney talked about the economy, terrorism and agriculture. Cheney called for a repeal of the inheritance tax — commonly called the “death tax.”Cheney says repeal of the “Death Tax” is absolutely essential so that people can pass on their farm, ranch or small business without getting taxed on it after already getting taxed on it once during your lifetime. A 19-year-old Ottumwa man Brandon Zahle, a member of the U-S Army who served in Iraq, told Cheyney he supports the administration’s effort in Iraq. He says after being there he supports them even more. He says he saw what the people had to go through and did missions to bring food and water and says having the people hug him and be there with them for six months was “amazing.” Zahle says. “I thank you for doing what you did.”