Congressman Steve King is questioning the policies of a big player in the nation’s sports arena. King, a republican who represents 32 counties in western Iowa, says the N-C-double-A needs to make some changes. King says he doesn’t really want the feds to begin regulating the N-C-A-A, but King says they are a monopoly and driven by a desire for profit. King says he’s most concerned by the way hearings are handled for student athletes who protest N-C-A-A rulings. King cites the case of former Iowa Hawkeye star Tim Dwight as an example. Dwight was allowed to keep the endorsements he’d earned as a pro football player and still compete in collegiate track events. But former Colorado football player Jeremy Bloom was not allowed to accept endorsement contracts as a professional skier while he was playing college football. King says people who sit on N-C-double-A hearing panels have connections to universities, and sometimes there’s the appearance of a conflict of interest. King is a member of the House Judiciary Committee which held a hearing on N-C-A-A policies this week. “We simply gave them a warning and we’ll be sitting back to see if they make some changes,” King says.