The effects of Hurricane Ivan will soon be felt in Iowa — in terms of gasoline price hikes. The latest survey from Triple-A-Iowa shows pump prices dipped a bit in recent weeks, but motor club spokeswoman Dawn Duffy expects them to climb again very soon as the big storm approaches the southern U.S. Duffy expects the uncertainty of Ivan to jack up gas prices in the Midwest for the next week or two, perhaps longer. Other world events effect prices too — she says those include the OPEC meetings underway this week and the continued violence in Iraq. Duffy says gas prices in Iowa have dropped a few pennies recently. Iowa’s current average is a dollar-76, down two cents from a month ago but up from a dollar-60 a year ago. With Labor Day behind us now, the first day of autumn is next Wednesday. That means a lesser demand on gasoline as fewer people are driving long distances and Duffy says it -usually- brings a drop in prices with the increased supply.While OPEC nations today (Wednesday) decided to increase oil production by one-million barrels a day — or nearly four percent — Duffy says that won’t necessarily mean a drop in gas prices, but it is optimistic news.