Two potential presidential candidates of the future will be in Iowa this evening. New York Governor George Pataki will speak at a Polk County Republican event on the State Fairgrounds and Colorado Governor Bill Owens will speak at a fundraiser in Davenport for Congressman Jim Nussle. Nussle conceeds the speculation has begun about the candidates of 2008. Nussle says “any time you meet with anybody from outside of Iowa that has any kind of poltical title at all, people immediately start wondering if they’re running for something.” Nussle says while Owens is certainly “keeping an eye” on the next election, his visit tonight will focus on President Bush’s re-election. That was primarily the focus of U-S Ag Secretary Ann Venneman’s visit to the Clay County Fair this week, too. Venneman told fairgoers that President Bush’s tax cut package put four BILLION dollars back into the pockets of the nation’s farmers and ranchers last year. Also this weekend, the wife of democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards will speak at Senator Tom Harkin’s annual “steak fry” fundraiser in Indianola. Sheryl Crow will perform with her band at the event.