The democrat who’s running against U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley has been endorsed by a group of economists, including three who’ve won the Nobel prize for economics. Democratic candidate Art Small has been attacking Grassley for the tax cuts Grassley has helped enact as chairman of the Senate Finance committee. The group of nine economists has issued a statement, saying the nation’s finances are deteriorating and calling the government’s financial position “alarming.” The economists say Grassley has played a “crucial role in the corrosion of our nation’s finances” that has put the country on a “new and dangerous course.” The economists also say the tax cuts Grassley shepherded through the Senate made the system less fair. An economist at M-I-T, another at Berkley and one from Stanford who’ve won the Nobel prize have co-signed a statement attacking Grassley and backing Small. The statement’s also signed by three University of Iowa economics professors, including the chair of the University’s Economics Department.