More than one-thousand pounds of pork processed at Sioux-Preme packing company in Sioux Center is being recalled. Officials say 110 pork shoulder butts are being recalled because a microchip could be embedded in the meat. The metal devices are used to measure scientific data. Sioux-Preme Vice President Jim Malek says the device was discovered in the meat after it had been processed and shipped out. Malek says the hogs that were processed at Sioux-Preme were part of a research herd that had been sent to slaughter without the proper notification that they had the chips implanted. The hogs were slaughtered on September 10th and sent to meat processors in Iowa, Colorado and Mexico. The recipients of the meat have been notified to return it. The meat then will either be reinspected and cleared for use or destroyed. Malek says he doesn’t know whether or not any of the meat has been sold to the public.The hogs were healthy and had been cleared by the U-S-D-A inspectors for processing.