The southeastern Iowa town that claims to be the future birthplace of Star Trek’s Captain Kirk is welcoming the fictional hero home. William Shatner, the actor the world knows as Kirk, is in Riverside this week to act in, produce and direct a film he co-wrote with fellow Trek veteran Leonard Nimoy. Riverside resident and big Trekkie Darrin Thompson says Shatner met with residents on Tuesday to talk about the movie. Thompson says they were told “it has a sci-fi slant” and will be family-oriented. Based on the tentative title, “Invasion Iowa,” he’s thinking it’ll involve space aliens. Several Riverside-area residents have been cast in minor roles — a middle-aged couple, a few young thugs, a priest and some ordinary folks eating in a restaurant. Thompson says filming in Riverside may last up to ten days. The movie’s budget is reportedly four-million dollars.Thompson interprets Riverside being used as a backdrop for the movie as a sort of reward for the town’s 20 years of Trekfests and its open adoration for the character Shatner portrayed on the original 1960s T-V series and in later movies. Townspeople have set up a monument at the place where the fictional Kirk will be born in 2233.