President Bush’s deputy campaign manager says Bush will visit Iowa again — and the commercials you’re hearing and seeing will continue to air as Iowa is one of a handful of states where the campaign is focusing its money. Mark Wallace spoke to Radio Iowa by phone this morning. Wallace says the campaign’s strategy is to build the biggest grassroots organization in the history of American politics, and he says they’ve got a “ground game” featuring volunteers who are turning out voters. Wallace says the Bush organization is benefitting from the momentum that came out of the Republican National Convention. Wallace says Kerry, by contrast, has been “flailing” and offering at least 10 different messages on Iraq. “He’s been for the war. He’s been against the war. He’s gone back and forth.” And Wallace says Bush backers are energized by the contrast with Kerry. Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards will stand-in for Kerry this afternoon at events in Davenport and Cedar Rapids. Edwards, a lawyer, is a lightning rod for a common rallying cry among republicans, and Wallace is ready to repeat that rhetoric. Wallace says Edwards is backed by the nation’s trial lawyers, and trial lawyers oppose Bush’s push to get rid of so-called “junk” or frivolous lawsuits that Wallace says are clogging up the courts. Edwards will be in Davenport early this afternoon for an event on the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds; doors open at 12:30 for that “town hall meeting.” The doors to the U.S. Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids open at 4 p.m. for a campaign rally featuring Edwards. That event is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m.