Iowa’s Governor visited Grinnell yesterday afternoon as he kickoff his fifth annual walk across the state. In a park in Grinnell on Sunday afternoon, Vilsack delivered a speech he’s been giving at all sorts of venues, pushing for spending more money on education, especially on preschool. He says we’re at a critical crossroads in the state where we have to have support for education in the state.Vilsack will likely deliver the same speech at stops along the way the next few days. On Sunday, Vilsack walked around downtown Grinnell, planted a tree in a park, then jumped in his S-U-V to visit Marengo and Ladora, too. Today, he’ll start spending more time shoe-time on the road. Vilsack says he’ll walk between 10- and 15-miles-per day over the next three days. In the past, Vilsack has spent much more time on the road, visiting many more towns over a five day period. Vilsack says he just can’t find that much time this year. Vilsack says as chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, he is traveling to other states campaigning with democratic gubernatorial candidates and there’s just not enough time on his schedule. His schedule in Iowa will take him to Durant and Stockton this morning and Walcott and Marshalltown this afternoon. On Tuesday, Vilsack will visit Albion, Liscomb and Union. On Wednesday, the Governor is scheduled to walk through Estherville, Storm Lake, and Alta.