Michigan State coach John L. Smith says despite the numbers the Spartans are still gearing up to stop the run in Saturday’s matchup with Iowa. The Hawkeyes ground game has struggled during a 2-2 start and is averaging only 85-yards per game. But Smith says the Hawks won’t change their personality after only four games. He says offensively they’re a team that’s gonna line up and kick your tail. He says they can’t let Iowa do that. Smith says it takes a while for an offense to jell when using so many new players. He says everyone goes through some changes and he says that sets you back.Drew Stanton has taken the quarterback role after serving as a back-up to Jeff Smoker. Stanton is as much a threat as a runner as he is a passer and has bounced back from off-season knee surgery. Smith says Stanton is getting more confident every day. He says anything Stanton does to favor the knee is subconscious and he has to get rid of it. Smith says the knee is more of a factor when Stanton throws, as the knee is fine when he runs on it. Michigan State is 2-2.