The leaders of the Army’s recruiting headquarters in Des Moines celebrated th 40th anniversary of the recruiting effort in a downtown Des Moines plaza today. Lieutenant Colonel Marisa Tanner is the battalion commander of the efforts to recruit Iowa and Nebraskas. Tanner says they expect to meet their recruiting goals again this year and fears of being sent into combat haven’t dampened the effort. She says that’s a myth as she says they have young soldiers who come in looking for tradition, discipline and leadership. In what may be election year politicing, Iowa Senator Tom Harkin and other democrats have said the military draft could be reinstated. Tanner says she’s not worried about losing her job. She says, “No, no, absolutely not. We have the numbers, its an all-volunteer army and it’ll remain that way. And that’s coming from our Commander in Chief.” Tanner says the army offers important skills that’re a draw to men and women. She says officers and enlisted solidiers learn skills that’re very marketable on the outside. She says whether it’s industry or a public-based private sector project, businesses are looking for someone who’s managed things at every level. Tanner says army recruiters have done well in Iowa. She says Iowa is a challenge, as she says they also cover Nebraska, and put in a lot of “windshield time” on the road to recruit. Tanner says new recruits are a mix of kid just out of high school and those who have college degrees and want to get further training.