Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley is among a group of U.S. lawmakers attending a Washington D.C. press conference at 11 central time this morning, urging passage of what’s called the Ronald Reagan Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Act of 2004. Grassley says he supports finding ways to help Americans pay for the high costs of long-term care that easily can exceed retirement budgets. Grassley says half of the program would provide tax credits for long-term care insurance, while the other half would offer a three-thousand dollar tax credit for family care giving — a family could get that for taking in a relative or friend as it’s cheaper than nursing homes. Grassley says the legislation should have been passed already but it’s been stalled. He says Reagan’s bout with Alzheimers and his death this year has brought an increased emphasis on trying to find remedies for the difficulties many people face with the expenses of long-term care and Alzheimers.