Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz says the running back chores for the Hawkeyes have been turned over to a committee and not a very big one at that. Marques Simmons takes over the starting spot after Jermelle Lewis was ruled out for the season with an A-C-L injury suffered in Saturday’s win over Michigan State. Walk-on Sam Brownlee is the back-up to Simmons. He says they’ll take the redshirt off of Damian Simms if need be as they’ll have to use whoever they have available. The Hawks have lost three tailbacks to knee injuries and Ferentz says there is explanation for it. He says it goes in cycles as two years ago they didn’t have any knee injuries and didn’t have any starters out with a surgery. He says it’s just been rash of A-C-Ls and surgeries in general. Iowa rode the passing arm of quarterback Drew Tate in the win over Michigan State but Ferentz says despite the injuries at running back and along the offensive line, the Hawks still want to run the ball. He says they’ll do what they can do best and he says it’s their job as coaches to try and determine that. He says they have to try and have the right plans in place and adjust as the game goes on.The Hawkeyes return to action a week from Saturday at home against Ohio State.