If going bowling and arguing politics are among your pastimes, tonight’s the night to take that fight to the alley. As part of the Great American Meetup Bowl-Off, teams are gathering, wearing red or blue, in bowling alleys nationwide. Bev VanBlair owns Cardinal Lanes in Newton, one of a half-dozen places in Iowa where they’ll be throwing strikes and striking up conversations about who should be president. VanBlair isn’t sure how large a crowd she’ll have taking part.

VanBlair says she’s hoping people will turn out to have a fun evening of bowling and having friendly competitions on the lanes and neighborly talks about politics.

The top scores will be registered on the Bowl-Off website to determine who America’s bowlers want to pin as the next commander-in-chief, and who’ll be spared. For more information, visit the Bowl-Off website. Other lanes in Iowa registered for tonight’s event include: Mason City, Sioux City, Davenport and Des Moines.