First Lady Laura Bush was in Sioux City early this afternoon to speak at a rally. Mrs. Bush says the economy’s growing, schools are getting better and the nation’s safer because of her husband’s leadership. Mrs. Bush visited Iowa three times last month, and says she’ll likely be back before the election.Her husband returns to the state Saturday for an outdoor rally in Waterloo. Dan Ronayne, an Iowa-based spokesman for the Bush/Cheney campaign, says Iowans will get to see Bush just hours after his second nationally-televised debate against democratic opponent John Kerry. He says there’ll be a big crowd there and he says there are over 20-thousand volunteers out knocking on doors to help reelect the president.Ronayne says the Waterloo event will be held in Riverfront Stadium as Bush makes his second appearance in Iowa this week — a signal of the tight Bush/Kerry race in Iowa.Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards will campaign in Newton on Monday. John Kerry campaigned in Tipton this past Tuesday, too, so the parade of the 2004 presidential campaign continues through Iowa.