If you take the bus today you might get an extra goodie to thank you for taking the ride. Donna Johnson of the Iowa Department of Transportation says today’s been designated “Communities in Motion” day across the country to recognize the benefits of public transportation. She says it’s a way to get people to take notice of public transportation and thank those who currently ride. Johnson says buses are the predominant form of public transportation in Iowa.She says nearly 24-million rides were provided in Iowa last year and there’s some form of public transit in all 99 counties. Johnson says you’ll see different celebrations depending on the city you’re in. She says each system looks at it differently. Some ask riders to donate a food item and they can ride for free, others have a free fare day, while some offer popcorn, donuts and coffee as a rider appreciation. Johnson says not all transit systems will celebrate today, but most will offer some type of customer appreciation promotion at some time. Johnson says use of public transit has gone up slightly the last couple of years, and she says part of that could be attributed to all the construction in the Des Moines area.