It’s not unusual to find a pigskin on the football field — but it’s news when the pig is still attached. Two southern Iowa men are charged after a prank involving piglets. Afton police chief John Coulter reports a burglary at East Union High School in Afton. Sometime between 5-30 and 6 o’clock Thursday morning, 18-year-old Jesse Cole of Thayer and 21-year-old James Spooner of Afton broke into the ag building at the high school and left a live baby pig as a homecoming prank in the building. Also left were approximately a dozen dead baby pigs on the football field. The pigs were taken from Whitestone Farms hog confinement of rural Thayer. Both were arrested and charged with two counts of third-degree burglary; one for the school and one for the hog confinement facility. Cole was arrested by the Afton police department and Spooner was arrested by the Creston police department when he turned himself in. Cole is an employee of the confinement operation. Spooner is being held on 19-thousand-500 dollars bond.