President Bush appeared at a rally in Waterloo mid-day Saturday, just hours after his second, nationally-televised debate against challenger John Kerry. “We had a great debate last night,” Bush told the cheering crowd. “It highlighted some of the fundamental differences.” Bush accused Kerry of trying to “obscure” his “liberal” leanings. Bush said it was all he could do “not to make a bad face” during Friday night’s debate — a reference to his demeanor in the first debate against Kerry. The second debate between the two men was contentious, and Bush on Saturday in Waterloo ridiculed Kerry’s performance in St. Louis.”With a straight face, (Kerry) said ‘I have only had one position on Iraq,'” Bush said, as some in the crowd started chanting “Flip flop.” “I could barely contain myself. He must think we’ve been on another planet.”Bush also promised the crowd he would keep lowering taxes, and he accused Kerry of not leveling with the American people when Kerry promised to cut middle class taxes. Bush said the rich would hire lawyers and accountants, so the rest of America would be “stuck with the tab.” Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards will speak in Newton Monday morning. Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife are scheduled to make an appearance in Davenport on Tuesday. On Thursday, democrats plan a rally at the Iowa State Fairgrounds featuring both Kerry and Edwards, as well as their wives.