Considered one of Iowa’s best-ever law enforcement dogs, a chocolate lab named Hershey is being given a rare honor in Davenport. The canine died several months ago after serving on the police force since 1989. Sergeant Mike Colclasure was Hershey’s partner and he says large portrait of the dog has been painted and it will be placed in the lobby of the Davenport police headquarters. Colclasure says Hershey had one of the best noses in the law enforcement business for sniffing out illegal drugs. He “hit” on the door of an SUV once, police opened the door and the found a tiny marijuana seed and nothing more — but that was enough. To develop a strong bond between the officer and the dog, Colclasure would take Hershey home as an adopted pet. He says the four-legged crime-fighter was the curious type. He could open desk drawers and at home he’d open kitchen drawers and cabinets to serve himself food or find a snack of candy or cookies. Kids all over the Quad Cities got to know and love Hershey too as he and his human partner made many trips to the schools over the past decade and a half.