The Sierra Club and United Steelworkers released a report today that says a national investment in clean energy would create 17-thousand jobs in Iowa. The report recommends a series of new energy polices like more support for renewable fuels, power plant upgerades to cut emmissions, and tax credits for super-efficient cars. United Steelworkers representative John Campbell says Iowa could lead the effort.He says, “We need to have that technology, that jobs to build that technology right here in Iowa.” He says they’re jobs that’ll build the Iowa economy. Campbell says investing in renewable fuels would also reduce the nation’s reliance on foreign oil. He quotes a German proverb that says “A hungry man has but one thought, a well-fed man many.” He says we have to break our hunger for energy in that we look at it in the same old way. A spokesperson for the Iowa Sierra Club, Lyle Krewson, says the energy bills of Iowans would go down under the plan with more energy efficient homes and appliances. He says the plan could save consumers on average by 2025, 13-hundred and 97 dollars a year on all energy costs. The Sierra Club and the United Steelworkers commissioned the report to highlight what they say are energy policies the Bush administration should be adopting.