Johnson County Sheriff’s race is awash in accusations over a set of seveneen-year-old arrest records. Sheriff Robert Carpenter’s retiring and candidates for his job include a deputy, Lonny Pulkrabek, and a former Iowa City cop, Steve Snyder. The democratic sheriff’s endorsed Snyder, the republican candidate for his job. After records of Snyder’s 1987 arrest were sent anonymously to local papers and a radio station, Pulkrabek said the information is public record but his campaign decided not to use it, but he says another deputy in the department is the person who made the papers public. And now investigators say the records were pulled from a client’s file by Pulkrabek’s wife — a lawyer who abruptly took a hiatus from the job after this story broke. The record tipster did not include the fact that the charges against Snyder were dropped for lack of evidence.