One week after the death of the actor the world knew as Superman, a central Iowa native has -reportedly- been chosen as his big-screen replacement. 25-year-old Brandon (or B-J) Routh, from the Des Moines suburb of Norwalk, has reportedly been cast as the Man of Steel in the upcoming movie. Superman fan and Drake University student Alex Grgurich is also from Norwalk and says “It’s pretty cool…being from our hometown. It’ll definitely kinda’ put it on the map.” Grgurich heard the rumor Routh was being considered for the part weeks ago.Another Superman fan, David Muenchrath of Des Moines, says director Bryan Singer was quoted as saying he’d go with an unknown for Clark Kent. Muenchrath says the role’s never been cast with a well known actor, but says “nobody knows who this guy is so we’ll wait and see.” The fictional Smallville, Kansas, is the earthly hometown of Superman, so Muenchrath says Norwalk, Iowa, seems appropriate for the actor. He says “It’s kinda’ nice that they’re getting someone from Smalltown, Iowa, and Smalltown USA which is where Superman’s coming from.” Muenchrath says Routh may be able to relate to the character better, going from Norwalk to Hollywood just as Superman went from Smallville to Metropolis. Routh attended the University of Iowa and has had several small TV roles already, on shows including “Gilmore Girls,” “Will and Grace” and “One Life to Live.” He also appeared in Christina Aguilera’s “What A Girl Wants” video. Actor Christopher Reeve died October 10th at age 52, some nine years after being paralyzed in a horse-riding accident.