Des Moines currently has two residents on national reality programs. The CBS reality show “Survivor” features Rory of Des Moines. And now the ESPN show “I’d Do Anything” has a Des Moines contestant. 28 year old Rich Bracken is a contestant on the sports reality program. He says he simply submitted an application online and put in some funny and smart alecky answers. He says the producers of the show laughed at his answers and apparently liked it that he got more creative with his answers. Bracken says the format of the show has contestants compete in a variety of sports-related challenges that follow a theme. He says the stunts were either pain, shame or insane. The shame challenge involved ballroom dancing and the pain challenge was both painful and shameful, doing human curling, or what he calls shuffleboard on ice. He says they went down the ice with nothing but a helmet and bike shorts.The winner of each episodes challenge gets to grant a sports fantasy for a friend or loved one. He picked his father, who’s a big golf fan, and if he wins his dad will get to play golf with Fred Couples. So, does Rich win? He won’t say.Under the rules of the program, contestants can’t talk about the outcome until after their episode airs. Richs episode will be on ESPN next Tuesday (October 19) at 9 p.m.