Des Moines Police are crediting a police dog with saving the lives of two officers during a gun battle at an apartment complex last night (Tuesday). Police spokesman Sergeant Tony Steverson says it started when 30-year-old Michael Reyna shot 21-year-old Marcos Greene in the arm. He says Reyna was high on meth and was trying to steal pot from Greene before fleeing into the woods. Two officers followed Renya, along with a police dog name Reno. He says the officer was using Reno to lead them to the suspect. When the dog found Reyna, he diverted his attention away from the officers and that’s when the shots started. Steverson says the offices returned fire — wounding Reyna — who is now in critical condition at a Des Moines hospital. He says, “it was a fierce gunfight, you’re talking close proximity” The two officers were not hurt, but Reno the police dog was shot in the chest and legs and is in stable condition. Steverson says there’s no doubt about the importance of the diversion Reno created. He says they’re positive that it save the officer’s lives. Officers Tim Nading and Michael McTaggert have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation of the shooting.