Eye care experts are warning Iowa parents to take precautions so their kids don’t end up with a real-life horror story from trick-or-treating. Dr. Carmen Foster, medical director of a Cedar Rapids eye center, says some Halloween contact lenses can lead to partial or complete blindness. The lenses can cause significant damage and a lifetime of eye problems just from a few hours of trick-or-treating. Dr. Foster says costume contact lenses -are- sold that are not safe. She says if you want to wear the cosmetic lenses, have them fitted by a professional before putting them on your eyes. Foster says parents also need to take a close look at that Spiderman mask before their kid goes out wearing it. Look for sharp edges or parts on the mask that could cause damage to the eye. Other trick-or-treat accessories, like swords, axes and wands, need to be examined to ensure they don’t harm the eye. Some masks can also impair vision and make it dangerous for children to wear them out and attempt to navigate. Make sure the masks fit and allow the children to have a full view of their surroundings. Foster says a safer alternative to masks is make-up, but that must also be carefully inspected before it’s applied. Most makeup will say on the package whether it’ll be okay to use near the eyes as some chemicals could cause irritation. Foster offers other trick-or-treat tips — always carry a flashlight and use iron-on reflective fabric or tape strips on costumes so motorists can see your child easily.