Nebraska’s attorney general has dropped a consumer-rights lawsuit involving an Iowa dancer. A woman says she went to lease an apartment in Omaha and told the landlord she’d be able to make the rent because she has a good job…dancing in a Council Bluffs lounge. The Richdale Group, a real-estate firm that manages the complex turned her down. The attorney general challenged that, but announced this week he’d drop the suit. The company says it’s not discriminating because it wouldn’t rent to a male stripper, either. Nebraska attorney general Jon Bruning said in a news release that he just doesn’t think this case is a priority for the “hard-working taxpayers of Nebraska.” He says strippers are not a protected class like race, gender or religion, and he says it’s not government’s role to force landlords to rent to people who work in the sex industry. The woman, Charleigh Greenwood, listed her employer as the Bottoms-Up Lounge in Council Bluffs. The suit had been filed on behalf of the Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission.