An Omaha, Nebraska woman who works seven days a week making cereal was in Des Moines Wednesday to pick up her check after winning a weekend Powerball jackpot worth over 14-million dollars. 54-year-old Jacquelyn Moore says she bought the ticket on the way into work after stopping at a conveinence store in Carter Lake. She says the clerk was moving a little too slow to suit her and while she waited the clerk asked her if she wanted a Powerball ticket. She says she used the last dollar in her pocket to buy the ticket so she could get going to work. She says she put the ticket in her truck and didn’t bother to check it until later when she call the Iowa and Nebraska Powerball lines. She says she called the number twice, and then got her son up to call the number to see if he heard the same thing she heard. Her son then said, “Mom you’re rich.” Moore says she’s gotten several proposals from the men at the Kelloggs plant where she works, but turned them all down because they were already married. Moore says her sister had a wild reaction when she called her Monday. She says she started screaming and kept screaming and screaming and so Moore hung up on her. She says it was funny because her sister had called earlier and told her that someone had won the jackpot. She says she was mad and asked “Why doesn’t the idiot just go claim the money, why don’t they do something. And then I found out I was the idiot.” Moore says she cut back her work schedule to six days a week, but won’t stop completely because she likes her job. She says she owns a condo and a car and truck, but has plans to spend some of the money on a new Porsche.She says she’ll pay off every bill as the first priority, and then she’ll help her kids. The one thing she says she’ll do for herself is buy the new Porsche. She says she was late getting to Des Moines because she was at the Porsche dealership sitting in a new car to get the smell in her head. Moore decided to take the lump sum payment and will get seven-point-nine million dollars. Moore’s ticket is the fourth sold in Iowa to win the Powerball jackpot.