The families of the 15 Iowans who’ve died in Iraq while serving in the military are being honored next month with a series of events. Bill Campbell of the Military Order of the Purple Heart says those families have been invited to a banquet that will be held on November 26th in Ames at the I-S-U Memorial Union.Campbell says the families share a common experience, and the event is meant to give them a chance to meet with one another, and to realize the people of Iowa care about “the people who are bearing the brunt of the war in Iraq right now.” Campbell says organizers have decided to invite Iowa soldiers who’ve been wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, too. On Saturday, November 27th, there’ll be a private brunch for the families of the 15 Iowans who’ve died in Iraq. Campbell says after the brunch, the group will attend the Iowa State/Missouri football game and there’ll be a special ceremony at halftime to honor their family members’ service. Campbell says a women’s sorority started organizing the event, and his group joined in.If you’d like to contribute money to help pay for the events or buy a ticket to the banquet, you can learn more on-line at