President Bush spoke at campaign rallies yesterday in Council Bluffs and Davenport. Bush said his opponent, John Kerry, is “consistently and dangerously wrong” on national security issues and Bush accused Kerry of believing in a “cut and run” strategy in Iraq. “America is not to blame for terrorists’ hatred and no retreat by America would appease them,” Bush said in Council Bluffs. “We don’t create terrorists by fighting them. We defeat the terrorists by fighting them.” Kerry, meanwhile, said yesterday that Bush was guilty of “incredible incompetance” after a new report indicates hundreds of tons of explosives in Iraq are unaccounted for. Bush didn’t directly comment on the blunder, but did label Iraq the center of the war on terror. Bush says a “cut and run” strategy in Iraq would give the terrorists a haven in Iraq and the terrorists would conclude that “free nations do not have the will to defend themselvs.” Kerry is to campaign in Sioux City and Cedar Rapids on Wednesday. The President is scheduled to stop in Dubuque later today.