Des Moines police are feeling a little added urgency about one theft case. An officer who was off-duty and picnicking with his family near Saylorville Reservoir last week returned to the family car to find it had been broken into, and his wallet was taken. Des Moines police Sergeant Tony Steverson. The items in the wallet included cash, his Windsor Heights police ID, the cop’s weapons permit, and several credit cards. If the culprit uses the ID there will be charges of impersonating a police officer. Steverson says the theif has used the officer’s credit card at a local convenience store. The user of the stolen card spent several hundred dollars on gas and cigarettes, and Steverson says that added some valuable evidence in the case. Surveillance cameras at the store caught the suspect using the card. It’s a clear image and the sergeant says while cops didn’t recognize the culprit, they’re hoping someone in town will come forward and help finger the thief.